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Model T640

Continuous Particulate Matter(PM) Mass Monitor   Get Quote

The Model T640 PM Mass Monitor is the next breakthrough in ambient particulate monitors​. The T640 delivers 1-min or better time resolution with exceptional sensitivity and precision. The instrument is very low maintenance and requires no sample media for minimal cost of operation.​

The Teledyne API Model T640 with 640X Option is a real-time, continuous particulate matter (PM) mass monitor that uses scattered light spectrometry for measurement. The T640 measures 2.5 PM, and the 640X Option measures 2.5, 10, and coarse PM. ​​​

All T Series instruments offer an advanced color display, capacitive touch screen, intuitive user interface, flexible I/O, and built-in data acquisition capability. All instrument set up, control and access to stored data and diagnostic information is available through the front panel, or via RS232, Ethernet, or USB com ports either locally or by remote connection.

The Model T640 comes with NumaView ™ software. NumaView™ Remote PC software allows for a remote connection with virtual interface and data downloading capability to analyzers operating NumaView ™ software.​

4516 Mountainview Rd. Unit #4
Beamsville ON, L0R 1B3
T: 1 905 563 9097 | F: 1 866 425 0015

4516 Mountainview Rd., Unit #4
Beamsville ON, L0R 1B3
T: 1 905 563 9097
F: 1 866 425 0015

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