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Systems & Shelters Manufacturers Service & Support

Systems and Shelters

Ambient Air Station Shelters
  • Shelter entirely in aluminum
  • Exterior wall in white aluminum
  • 1-1/2" spray urethane insulation for walls, 2" ceiling and floor (with double floor for insulation)
  • 4 18KI CAP "D" anchors installed in the upper corners to allow lifting of the shelter
  • Pockets for lift forks under the shelte
  • Walls and interior ceiling in 3/8" thick white HDPE-030
  • 3/4" plywood floor covered with a polyvinyl mat resistant to chemicals, salt, oil and antifreeze, medium gray pellet pattern
  • Exterior light with interior wall switch
  • 100 Amp meter and 100 Amp electrical panel with main circuit breaker
  • Neon lighting with wall switch
  • Portable 12,000 BTU air conditioner with heating
  • Baseboard Heater
  • Medium gray counter
  • Railing on the roof in aluminum tube 1-1/4" X 1-1/4" X 42" high
  • Non-slip adhesive strips stuck to the aluminum roof

Building Options
  • Custom sizes and layouts
  • Exterior wall colors also available
  • Grip Strut aluminum stairs/steps to access the roof with gallery also in Grip Strut aluminum
  • Forced air HVAC system
Other Options
  • Sample Inlets (stainless candy cane or purged glass)
  • Instrument rack
  • Gas cylinder tie backs
  • Meteorological tower

  • Gas analyzers (TAPI)
  • Continuous particulates, (TAPI)
  • Particulate samplers (Tisch)
  • VOC canisters (Tisch)
  • Speciation samplers
  • Meteorological (Met One, Campbell Scientific)
  • Envitech dataloggers and network software (DR. DAS)
  • Raven XT cell modems (Airlink)

Instrument Shelters

Pacwill offers an Outdoor Enclosure option for the Model T640 PM instrument. Its rugged design is quiet, for everyday use ideal for long or short term monitoring projects in outdoor environments where other weather protection is unavailable. The enclosure has internal, thermostat-controlled fan ventilation and can operate in ambient conditions ranging from -30°C to 50°C.

  • Intuitive, easy installation and operation
  • Aluminum frame, steel skin with 1” foam insulation
  • Front & rear doors with full-length hinges and padlockable latches
  • Optional air conditioning and heating

1290 Arvin Ave., Unit 7
Stoney Creek ON, L8E 0H7
T: 1 905-643-8000 | F: 1 905-643-8001

1290 Arvin Ave., Unit 7
Stoney Creek ON, L8E 0H7
T: 1 905-643-8000
F: 1 905-643-8001

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